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Wesley Wyrick is a licensed mortgage lender (NMLS:# 1067576) and is currently managing a team of lenders in West Virginia. He is licensed in WV, KY, OH, and TN. Wesley has over 18 years experience in the financial industry and has had the privilege to help hundreds of families with their first home purchase. Wesley is also a real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, racehorse owner, and life coach/founder of the Weight-Loss Accelerator coaching program. Wesley has been fortunate to be coached by multiple experienced coaches over the years. Coaches that have helped him grow his mortgage business to the level that its at today. Wesley currently resides in Hurricane, West Virginia with his wife Julie and their 3 children.
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
- Wesley Wyrick - 
Best Mortgage Team
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The Wesley Wyrick Team
We do not claim to be the best mortgage team, but we do strive to be the best.  We are a team of modern lenders that focus on our core values.  We take pride in providing constant communication and full transparency.  We are always looking for ways to give back to our customers and our referral partners.  We have a dedicated team that operates as a well oiled machine to get you contract to close on your new home.
Official Home Buyers Playbook
 The Book On First-Time Home Buying
  I know that buying a home can be nervewracking, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. Not only is it probably the biggest purchase of your life, but the process can sometimes be complicated and fraught with unfamiliar lingo and surprise expenses. Over my last 18 years in the financial industry, I have had several conversations with buyers on helping them understand the home buying process. My team and I take pride in trying to help home buyers have an easy and smooth transaction, but sometimes we can run into bumps during the process.
I'd like to try to make the first-time home buying journey a little less stressful for you. With feedback from other lenders and realtors from across the country, I have compiled these 25 tips to help you navigate the process more smoothly and possibly save some money too.
Weight-Loss Accelerator
 Accountability Planner
Use this Schedule / Planner not only as a way to stay focused and hold yourself accountable, but also as a way to track and stay on course.  This is full of opportunities to help yourself discover and push yourself daily.  Use this Accountability Journal along with our personal coaching program to get the best results.  For more information on how to use the Accountability Journal, visit acceleratorplanner.com
"Remember....  It all starts with your mindset.   Get your mind focused and find your WHY and nothing will stop you from hitting your goal.  This Accountability Journal will help you build the plan a stay the course to hit your goal.  A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Don't make wishes, set goals."
-Wesley Wyrick-
Weight-Loss Accelerator
 Accountability Coaching Program
Wyrick Properties
 Flips and Rent To Own
Follow us here for our latest flipped properties or our latest Rent-To-Own homes that we have available.  Click the link below.
Thoroughbred Racehorse Co-Owner
 Sidney's Ranson
Foaled April 12th, 2015
Sindey's Candy & Big Hurry (By Red Ransom)
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